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Souvenirs of Italianicity

'Souvenirs of Italianicity' looks at reproductions of iconic works from the old masters that quietly reside within the home of my family, not to pay tribute to the artists, but as objects embedded with hereditary significance. Miniature reproductions of famous works are souvenirs of personal heritage that I celebrate through my body of work.

 Hold on, Oil on board, 34 x 39cm, 2018

Hold on
Oil on board
34 x 39cm

Silhouette of a Souvenir, Oil on canvas, 30.6cm x 40.8cm, 2018

Silhouette of a Souvenir
Oil on canvas
30.6 x 40.8cm

Pass on, Oil on board, 21.2 x 22.8cm, 2018

Pass on
Oil on board
21.2 x 22.8cm

Clasp, Oil on board, 40 x 50.8cm, 2018

Oil on board
40 x 50.8cm


Gesture, Oil on board, 40.7 x 50.9cm, 2018

Oil on board
40.7 x 50.9cm

Curtin University Degree Show exhibition view

Photographs by Bo Wong

Honours examination view

Photographs by Isabella Speed

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